Do you want to be known in the music industry?


I collected and purchased music industry contact information from all over the internet. Mostly in PDF format. The PDF's include addresses, names, and phone numbers of music industry professionals that WANT to be contacted!

I used software to extract the emails from them, and put them in a text file. There's over 6,200 of them!

DISCLAIMER: These email addresses were found in public directories, but be sure to comply with the CAN-SPAM act.
For instance: make sure you use mailing list software with an unsubscribe link, and put your real name and address in the footer.

All the PDF's, and the email addresses are included in a zip file.

This zip file includes contact information for:

- Radio Stations
- Publishers
- Music Marketers
- Record Labels
- Agents
- Music Lawyers
- TV and Film Producers

... and more!